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S1 E1: Welcome Home To Your Studio Podcast

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Chantelle Bruinsma (00:00)

Hello lovelies and welcome to Your Studio Podcast. This is our first episode, season one, episode one, and we are incredibly excited. My name is Chantelle Bruinsma and this amazing human here is my co -owner of Studio Evolution, my work wifey, my BFF, Michelle Hunter. Hello friend. How you doing?

Michelle Hunter (00:21)

I’m good. And it’s so great to be here and be doing this. Chantelle we’ve been, we’ve been around the block for, for, for a long time. And we know this starting this podcast has been something that’s been on our hearts for a while and we just love sharing with you all the strategies that we know work with the thousands of studio owners that we work with and what’s really so dear to our heart and that is helping studio owners achieve the life of their dreams. And it’s really such a joy, isn’t it Chantelle?

Chantelle Bruinsma (00:51)

It’s the best. We are the luckiest humans in the world to be able to kind of do what we do every single day and really change, change people’s lives. And this podcast is here to help change yours. And we are so excited to share this ride for you, but we thought maybe we might begin with a bit of a Chantelle and Michelle get to know you. So we’re going to play a little game to kick things off. Okay. Can we do that?

Michelle Hunter (01:11)

Yeah. Well, this is actually great because we don’t know what we’re asking each other. And this is kind of like a little test of how well do you know me work wifey? How? Yeah, that’s right. Do you pass or do you fail? All right. Well, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll hit it off, right? Because how long has it been now? We’ve been side by side for eight and eight, eight and a half years. Right. So some of these questions we should, we should know bang on. Okay.

Chantelle Bruinsma (01:15)


Yeah. How BFF are you?


This could be very embarrassing otherwise. Okay, you go. You go first. Mm -hmm.

Michelle Hunter (01:42)

All right, Chantelle, what is my favourite TV show?

Chantelle Bruinsma (01:49)

well, Keeping up with the Kardashians, but anything in the genre of super trashy reality TV is kind of, and I mean that with such love and kindness and respect.

Michelle Hunter (02:02)

And to all our listeners, please do not think of me any differently after knowing this. Please.

Chantelle Bruinsma (02:07)

I used to know that like, cause keeping up with the Kardashians dropped on like Sunday evenings, US time. And you would know that Mondays were KK day in Michelle’s world. It was like, okay, don’t, don’t interrupt me until it was like, you got it friend, you got it. Okay. So did I get it right?

Michelle Hunter (02:22)

You did bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing,

Chantelle Bruinsma (02:35)

In the drama, in the drama.

Michelle Hunter

This is a good one. Chantelle, would I rather be doing burpees or yoga?

Chantelle Bruinsma

Oh, you are a very different woman from me because you are someone who loves a burpee and I don’t understand any of it that you love them. And you’ve done them until you vomit, right? You’ve done that before. Is that right?

Michelle Hunter (02:56)

Yes, I have. But it’s a full body workout. It’s just productive. You get it done. You don’t have to be there for the whole hour. You just, it’s all happening.

Chantelle Bruinsma (03:06)

I understand all of that. It does not make me have any desire to do it also.

Michelle Hunter (03:14)

All right, let’s move into the work realm. All right. Would you find me in a spreadsheet or vision casting?

Chantelle Bruinsma (03:16)

Alright, alright.

Well, we went to Hawaii together for a work retreat and we were doing some big picture planning, kind of like, you know, values based and kind of all this high level. And we looked over and Michelle had actually fallen asleep on the couch. She was having a nap and we’re like, my gosh, like this is our next vision. And then poor thing had like tapped out. It was like too high level. It’s like, get me a fricking spreadsheet. I know, I know this is, this is easy.

This is easy. I want a harder quiz because like, yeah, you are all about the spreadsheet, my friend, your team spreadsheet.

Michelle Hunter (03:58)

I have full respect for the vision. You know, I’m there for it, but it’s just, it’s, I just like to implement the vision.

Chantelle Bruinsma (04:04)

It’s why you and I are the dream team, hun. It’s why we are the best, the best.

Michelle Hunter (04:09)

The best. It’s so much fun. All right. Well then saying on that, speaking of spreadsheets, what would you say is my superpower?

Chantelle Bruinsma (04:15)

What’s your superpower? my gosh, you have so many. my God. All right, short list. Short list is prolificness. I don’t know if that’s even a word, but I’m gonna call it prolificness. Your ability to see, connect the dots between like here we have a vision for something and then you’re like, you know how to have it done. Like that abs and how to mobilize people and.

Michelle Hunter (04:30)


Chantelle Bruinsma (04:44)

bring them together with clarity of what needs to be done. Like your ability to unite our team with feeling so confident in achieving something is just out of this world. You make people feel so confident and yet also have such clarity in what needs to be done. So your prolificness in helping us run is out of this world on the personal front, your superpower. And I haven’t prepared this, so this is just totally off the cuff.

your patience and your humor is infinite. And it’s something like as watching you as a mum watching you as a friend, as a wife, like your patience and your, how kind you are in every, you’re just the most beautiful human. So your superpower is definitely just who you are. I just think you’re the best.

Michelle Hunter (05:45)

That’s lovely. And my husband, Mitch, will double take when you said patience. So I cannot wait to share this podcast episode with him. Yeah. that’s lovely. Thank you. All right, let’s go. I want to be quizzed. Chantelle, hit me.

Chantelle Bruinsma (05:54)

You’re welcome Mitch.

Alright, alright. Okay, where is my favorite travel destination?

Michelle Hunter (06:06)

are you serious? You travel so much –

Chantelle Bruinsma (06:08)

Yep. I do it.

Michelle Hunter (06:14)

Ugh. I know you went to the Maldives for your honeymoon.

Hang on.

Chantelle Bruinsma (06:22)

close Bora Bora, but it’s kind of the same bungalow thing. So yeah, tap it in, tap it in. Yeah. No, I wouldn’t say that’s my favorite.

Michelle Hunter (06:23)


Same bungalow film. Was that the one? Was that the one? But you’ve also spent some white Christmases in Far North America. I know this as well. And then you also went on an epic trip through Egypt. And then it was I’m doing so well. It was Turkey. That’s it. Sorry. Sorry. I was the cruise in Turkey. Sorry. I was thinking Nile and Egypt cruise Turkey kind of.

Chantelle Bruinsma (06:36)

Yeah, I don’t know.

I’ve never been to Egypt.

Turkey, Turkey, yes, the cruise in Turkey. Yeah, you got it, you got it. I’m with you, I’m with you, hon, I’m with you.

Michelle Hunter (06:54)

Middle East. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s not one of them? For the woman who travels a lot, this is a hard question. Okay.

I’ve got one more in me. I’ve got one more in me. I’ve got one. I know. I know. I know.

Chantelle Bruinsma (07:13)

Look, there’s two different answers I would have been like, yep, tap it in. There’s one place that I’ve gone a lot, which you know of, and there’s one place I haven’t been for a long time, but I crave. Hawaii, yeah, aloha.

Michelle Hunter (07:16)


Yeah. Hawaii. Of course. It’s your special, it’s your special place.

Chantelle Bruinsma (07:27)

It is my special place. I love Hawaii so much. Got engaged there, got married there. It’s just my like happy land.

Michelle Hunter (07:33)

Yeah, we, we had a team retreat there and Chantelle shared so many of those special places where she was proposed to. It was, it’s, it’s a magical place. Hawaii is really magic. Hey, what’s the other place? Where was the other destination? Sorry, just for my knowledge.

Chantelle Bruinsma (07:44)

Love it. Okay, next one.

I love Europe. I love Europe and I crave Europe. And I think because I did an exchange with the conservatorium, I lived in Vienna for a while and just the culture and the music and the food, like I just miss the food and I haven’t been there for like 10 years. So I’m craving a bit of a Euro trip, the Euro tan wouldn’t go astray either. Yeah. Well, this actually, this is a little funny, like side segue. So Michelle and I both did Contiki in our like early twenties.

Michelle Hunter (08:08)

A bit of contiki won’t you and go astray.

Chantelle Bruinsma (08:19)

She’s laughing because we were very different people then.

Michelle Hunter (08:22)

very different people in our early 20s.

Chantelle Bruinsma (08:24)

And like Contiki for those of you who may not be aware, it’s like a organized tour for kind of people under 35. And it’s kind of, you know, it’s a bit raw cause it’s a bit fun and you kind of travel around Europe on a bus and it’s wonderful. But we, we missed out by being on the same Contiki tour by like a few months that we could have been on the same bus in our early twenties that we didn’t meet till mid thirties. So it would have just been hilarious to see each other in our youth or maybe not.

Michelle Hunter (08:49)

guaranteed we would not have been co – you would have guaranteed if you met me in Contiki in our early twenties you weren’t like that’s the woman I’m going to go into business with. Yeah.

Chantelle Bruinsma (08:57)

Look, some of the stories I’ve heard, like, yeah, but I’m not going to disclose them on this podcast. That’s for, that’s for, you know, when we’re sitting around having a glass of wine friends. That’s, that’s a conversation for another day. too funny. Okay. Question two is, where do I go to relax?

Michelle Hunter (09:03)

You know, please.


Question two.

You need to be in front of water, my friend. You need to be at the beach.

Chantelle Bruinsma (09:19)

Yeah, you got it. Nature at the beach. I’m a happy place. Not in the water, not on the sand. I like to be on the shoreline very specifically. Lapping water, lapping water. Okay, this is an easy one. What’s my coffee order? Maybe it’s not.

Michelle Hunter (09:25)

Yeah. Yes. Yes, I do know this. Yeah.

I don’t like changes depending kind of like what health regime we’re both on at the same time. So like, it could be a chai with honey. You like a sticky chai with some, some bit of honey, or you like a brood, not Earl Grey. Can I get a brood Earl Grey with a little bit of honey and either some oat? Okay. okay.

Chantelle Bruinsma (09:41)

That’s true. What’s our current era?

Yes? Yes? Yes?

It’s called London Fog. Canadians will know this. It’s called London Fog. They don’t have it in Australia, but I’m trying to bring it.

Michelle Hunter (10:04)

No, I haven’t heard it. It’s not coming back. It’s not here. But. Am I right?

Chantelle Bruinsma (10:08)

really not trying my best. You win, you win. All of those things win. Yes. Coffee order. I don’t actually drink coffee. That’s the kind of the kind of throw I tried to throw you. And what is my super power friend?

Michelle Hunter (10:15)

Yeah, yeah, there’s no coffee in there.

There’s a lot. Like I have to say when I first came into studio expansion, AKA studio evolution, you pretty much built the whole business from, from the beginning. So you were all the things. And I think what is so, so it’s kind of like two pronged, it’s so amazing. Like, you know how to do pretty much every area of the business you have mastered and know how to do it. And that’s probably why.

You have built such a solid, beautiful curriculum for studio owners, but that is also a superpower. So you really know how to do all the things. So I think that helps you understand and teach so well, but like your superpower is you are so magnetic and not just in a work setting in your, in your personal life. And as a friendship, people just want to be.

around you, they feel so warm around you and you make everyone feel so good. But I guess when I see you in a room when you’re presenting and you’re working with studio owners and you know how to read the room and you get someone up on stage and you pretty much redesign their whole business model and give them personal transformation. It is probably how long I’ve been doing this eight and a half years. Every time you do it Chantelle, I am.

floored and everyone’s like, why are you looking at her like this? I’m like, cause every time it is just outstanding to me. It is such a superpower. And I think your other biggest superpower, leadership is so big, but it’s your heart. You have the biggest, most beautiful heart. And I think that’s why we are, we are so close and we have just the best team, best team.

Chantelle Bruinsma (12:10)

We do. We have the best team in the world. Shout out to the home team. We are the luckiest. We are the luckiest people. We are the luckiest people. well, it might be lovely to just bring everyone in on how this all kind of started and particularly how Michelle, you know, came to be a co -owner of this company, which has only been about 12 months that that’s been reality. Michelle started,

Michelle Hunter (12:17)

The luckiest. What’s luckiest?


Chantelle Bruinsma (12:36)

came on with me in 2016 as an executive assistant, 20 hours a week, you just had a baby and he was so cute, he was so cute.

Michelle Hunter (12:45)

first child was six months old. It was crazy. So, so cute. I remember it vividly. So I worked in corporate, kind of corporate marketing, then I moved into accounting, managing really big kind of outsourced corporate teams and always being that right -hand person. And I went on maternity leave and I was already kind of like dabbling working from home. And then six months in, I realized I’d…

don’t know if I want to do this. And I was kind of expanding my horizons and my sister who was in the original studio expansion program, which we call the SEP. My sister’s a studio owner and I always grew up working in her studio in some capacity, admin or teaching. And she said to me, Hey, I’ve got this new business coach, Chantelle. And I was like, okay, here we go. Here we go. And she said, she’s actually got a position going as a, as an assistant.

It’s a remote role, so you wouldn’t have to put Mavie straight away in daycare. And it’s 20 hours a week. And did you want me to see if you could apply? And I said, get me, like, now, the job description. I think I hounded her for the whole day. I looked up at your website. I kind of watched some videos. I was like, I have to meet this woman. I have to know who she is. Is this real? Is this actually a role? Is this the company? Does this niche exist? And I think I stalked you for days. Chantelle.

Chantelle Bruinsma (14:09)

funny. You’re good at stalking too. I know that. That’s your superpower. Yes. Like anyone has got an ex boyfriend you want track down. She’s your gal. She’s your gal.

Michelle Hunter (14:10)

And I even asked, I’m gonna, that’s, hey, that’s my other superpower.

I was going to say, I will find out everything where he’s been, what his job, his trajectory. That’s about the super power. Anyway, we’ll save that for another time. Facts, facts. yeah. And then I, I even asked my sister for your number. She’s like, that’s not appropriate. But I just, I knew I had to get my CV in front of you. And the position was actually shut. So you’ve already made your decision. You closed and you were going to hire another great executive assistant. But I said,

Chantelle Bruinsma (14:26)

Facts, facts.

Yeah, it had closed. Yup.

Michelle Hunter (14:47)

Thursday I said, please, you have to review my CV. You won’t regret it. And just give me this opportunity.

Chantelle Bruinsma (14:52)

And meanwhile, like Phi’s reached out to me and I said, like, my sister is interested in the role. And you know, like, yeah, it’s like, I’m sure your sister’s great. Like, I’m sure she’s really, I’m sure she’s really, really great. It’s now kind of close. And she’s like, no, please, just like, please have a read. And I got this CV, this application from Michelle. I was like, this is a unicorn. This woman is amazing. And I pivoted. Like, I was like, I’m not going to offer to that person. I’m going to offer it to Michelle. And this was like Friday. I think I offered you the role.

Michelle Hunter (15:21)


Chantelle Bruinsma (15:22)

And then Wednesday, I flew down to Melbourne to meet you and.

Michelle Hunter (15:26)

knocked on my doorstep, came in with your little seven kilo hand luggage and came in and we sat at my dining table and we did, we just spent one day together and we did launch planning with bubs there. Yeah. It was the most. It was such a prolific day. We got through so much.

Chantelle Bruinsma (15:36)

Yeah. Planning intro to the company.

So here’s a fun fact. So Michelle and I live in different states. That’s actually one thing that’s kind of fun. So we’ve always kind of worked remotely. In fact, our whole team is remote. We live team all over the world and we are a really connected close team and we manage that without ever really, without getting together very often, which is pretty, pretty special. It’s really, really special.

Michelle Hunter (16:06)

It is so

So before we get to our journey into co -ownership, Chantelle, I love hearing the story of how Studio Evolution came apart. And, you know, before I started working with you and came on board, Studio Evolution was really successful. You were the OG in this industry and in this niche. So I love hearing it. I love hearing back in the days and born to perform and how it all started.

Chantelle Bruinsma (16:29)

thanks hun Well, so I grew up doing a lot of singing, acting, dancing, a lot of musical theatre and I was at university and I thought, you know what would be a really fun job is to go work at like a musical theatre summer camp and go be a leader. And so I started researching and I thought I was trying to find one and there wasn’t one around. I thought, well, this is outrageous. The children are being deprived of these, you know, childhood memories. I can’t stand for that.

So I work, you know, with all the audacity of a 19 year old, just thought, well, I’ll just start one. I’ll just start kind of a program. And so I launched a company called Born to Perform. And it was all about giving kids confidence and doing kind of performing arts programs for kids. And when I first started, it was a hot mess. It was a hot mess. And I was working, you know, all hours and making zero cash, but loving it, loving every breath. And it took me a while until I got

much, much more strategic in how we’re setting things up and running it. So I remember there was one time where I had like 40 students for ages and I was just kind of really just like struggling to get by and I thought like, this is not going to continue. So I actually really spent six months intensively researching the industry. And I looked at everything from my analyzed timetables to I analyzed in re -enrollment. I looked at dozens of job descriptions for teachers and for admin as people kind of looking in the industry.

I analyzed business models and program suites and pricing across the studio industry. And I spent six months actively doing this and it was fascinating. And what happened was that I integrated all of those learnings into Born to Perform. And we went from like 40 students and within six weeks, we were at 114 students kind of in the January. And it was just kind of like, okay, this is, I’m onto something here.

And I’d really worked on the business model. I’d worked on how I was promoting it. I worked at which kind of program, what were the benefits. And I started communicating in a much, much better and more streamlined way. And that just grew.

So it was 2004 when I kind of started Born to Perform

from once I kind of got the model right, it was just effortless. The growth just happened. And we went from, you know, 100 kids to kind of a thousand kids within a few years. We had six locations running across Sydney. I had, you know, a team of 30 plus teachers going around. And what was really beautiful about that business model of, cause I’d worked so much on how it was going to flow, how things were going to interact.

that I designed it so that there was like a really quick progression of the team of how they worked. And so I was able to really step back. So there was one moment I talk about, which was a pretty special moment for me. And I went on one of that Turkey cruise you talked about, right? So we went on a cruise through Turkey with 10 friends. We rented this boat, rented a gulet we were cruising the coast of Turkey. And I pulled into this tiny little port town, like where there was like a payphone and a Taverna.

Michelle Hunter (19:20)

Yeah, yeah.

Chantelle Bruinsma (19:33)

and I used those like old, the young kids won’t know what this means, but like you used to have to, cause we didn’t have mobile phones, cause we’re that old. We used to have to like buy a pay card, a phone card and scratch off the little kind of things. Like it’s like a little kind of scratchy. And then you had to enter these things in and so I could call, these are the days. And I would call Anna, who was kind of my, who was running the show back then for me.

Michelle Hunter (19:50)

Yeah, I remember that.

Chantelle Bruinsma (19:58)

And I remember calling and it’s, I think I had five locations running like hundreds of kids, dozens of teachers. Right. And I’m like, how is everything going? Like, are you okay? And she’s like, it’s great. It’s great. It’s like, holy shit. I am on a boat in the middle of nowhere. And it’s working really, really well. And so what happened after that was Born To Perform and was just doing so beautifully and just, you know, really beautiful community, beautiful team. And then I got this opportunity to move overseas and run a company.

And it was a bit of a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was like, whoo, all right. So I sold Born to Perform and that was a great process. But from there, what happened after that was the global financial crisis hit. If you can remember back to 2008, 2009, that was kind of in that realm. And so that opportunity fell through. And so now I was in this kind of tricky position where I wasn’t running the studios and wasn’t…

Michelle Hunter (20:46)


Chantelle Bruinsma (20:56)

moving overseas. And so I was kind of working out my next move and I went into conducting because that had been, you know, what I got my degree in like choral conducting and music education. I went back and kind of got a job there. But then I got this phone call at 11 o ‘clock at night, one night, and an old competitor had heard that I’d moved to Dubai. And so she’d worked out the time zone and called me at 11 o ‘clock and saying like, what happened to Born to Perform? Like, where did you go? And I said, actually, I’m still in Sydney. And I’d sold it. And she said, can we go for a coffee?

And I went for this coffee with this lovely lady and then I started mentoring her and kind of sharing, okay, well, this is kind of my approach of how I set up the system. This is how I structured my marketing plan. This is how I was looking at re -enrollment. And like, I was quite unique in my approach and I started coaching her and it wasn’t long before I got to capacity with having studios as coaching clients. And I was like, okay, well, again, my brain works in a very, I’m a leverage person. I like to grow.

Like, well, this is, I’m going to be capped soon. So I need to kind of do something different here. So I created a program and it was called the SEP. And we have had over a thousand studio owners from like 34 countries go through this program. And it was quite radical in this time. And this is back when like online courses were first started. We’ve been around for a long time. Like this wasn’t, this wasn’t a thing back in the day. And from there, we have really grown our programs and our reach to be just incredibly in depth. These binders you see behind me.

Michelle Hunter (22:08)

long time.

Chantelle Bruinsma (22:22)

represents studio evolution, which is a six pillar program that we work through with our high level clients. And it is just truly giving studio owners the lives of their dreams with like capacity classes and earning six figure salaries and having all the freedom and all of the ease and all of the joy of having a really successful business and a life they love. And it’s been amazing to see studio evolution grow from me just having a kind of couple of coaching clients to then having, you know, thousands of online clients from around the world. And now we have this.

amazing home team who we just cherish and we work with every day delivering our programs and now launching a podcast. Look at us now, hun. It’s just been amazing to see. It really has been.

Michelle Hunter (23:04)

It’s just been a real awesome journey to be a part of. And we’ve also evolved as, you know, as people, you know, sometimes we say we shouldn’t have called it, you shouldn’t have called it studio evolution because we’re constantly.

Chantelle Bruinsma (23:14)

Yes. Yes.

Can we have a call? We go studio stability sounds really nice for a company name.

Michelle Hunter (23:26)

But we are always changing and, you know, working together side by side for seven years, we call each other work wifey. And then 12 months ago, you know, you you to the decision to bring me on and as co-owner

Chantelle Bruinsma (23:39)

Yeah, that was really big. I want to talk about that because that’s really important that so Michelle had come on as EA then was kind of promoted to general manager, operations manager first, sorry. And then to general manager. And then a few years ago, I might have had my second baby and my second child didn’t sleep for three and a half years and I was tired and I’d kind of been through a bit of a personal breakdown as well. This was post COVID and I was really struggling with the level of responsibility and the…

Michelle Hunter (23:49)

Operations Manager

Chantelle Bruinsma (24:07)

the load of running this big company when I was tired and it was hard and I was kind of almost like at the point of like, I don’t know if I can keep doing this. I don’t know. I love what I do, but this is just too much for me right now. And I was exploring like, what are my choices here? What are my choices here? And then I woke up one morning with this amazing thought of like, what if I didn’t do it alone? What if Michelle and I actually ran this together? And I no shit. The feeling was like when I had that thought, like,

a cage opened in my chest and doves flew out. Like that’s how I felt. It was like, liberation. And so yeah, then I, a few months later, I kind of thought and talked with accountants and talk with lawyers and things like that, kind of making decisions, my family. And then I flew down and asked if you would, if you would run this show with me. And it’s been the best, one of the best decisions of my life.

Michelle Hunter (24:56)

You know, it’s so wild Chantelle, when you asked me the question, I remember, and I was like, are you sure? And then you actually divulged to me how much thought actually went into you coming down to ask that question. Like you really thought about it and, you know, consulted professional advice, you know, got the A -OK from everyone that you spoke to, spoke to your, to your, to your family and your husband. And yeah, you didn’t take the decision lightly. So, and I felt that too, it was, it’s been the best journey since.

Chantelle Bruinsma (24:58)


Everyone I said to, like I’m thinking about bringing on Michelle as a partner. It was like, yes, that was, that was like, yeah, do that. Cause she’s amazing and you two are awesome together. It was just unanimous. And you were pregnant was the best thing at the time. It was so beautiful.

Michelle Hunter (25:38)

But, and do you remember when you came down, I was like, she said she has to come down and Mitch was saying, no, is it because, you know, you pushed your luck and you popped out third while you’re general managing and running such a huge team? But it wasn’t, it was actually, yeah, it was just the best. And I think it really shows how we compliment each other’s skillset. We’re so similar yet we are so, we’re so different. As you know, Chantelle’s, you know,

Chantelle Bruinsma (25:49)


very different.

Michelle Hunter (26:06)

incredible mind how she thinks and how she teaches is and you know, is the face of the company. And I run so much in the back end of the company and with our team and our systems and operations, we’re just so our skill set is just so complimentary.

Chantelle Bruinsma (26:19)

You’re team Burpee, I’m team Pilates and you like cold food, you like salads and I like hot foods like soup. Yeah, it’s the joy. And so we’re looking forward to getting to know you guys as we go. That’s a little bit about us, but the title of this podcast is also called Your Studio Podcast. And the reason for this is because we want to help you and serve you. So there’s going to be opportunities here on this podcast for you to leave us a little message, a voice message.

Michelle Hunter (26:21)

Yeah, I love that. I love.

So true, so true, so true. It’s a joke.

Chantelle Bruinsma (26:48)

and you can share like what’s going on for you and Michelle and I can put our heads together and serve you and answer your questions and help you come up with strategies that are gonna help you achieve the results that you want in your business and in your life. And we cannot wait for that to be happening for sure.

Michelle Hunter (27:02)

We, we cannot wait and we cannot wait to share what is actually working. We work very closely with hundreds of studio owners and we also work monthly with thousands of studio owners as well. And just to show you what he’s working so well with their marketing, with their profitability, with their team and their retention. yeah, we have hearts to serve and we just cannot wait to share it with you.

Chantelle Bruinsma (27:11)


And look, part of what we’re doing is like really about sharing strategy, but there’s also some shenanigans we want to have along the way and have a bit of fun. And we are just so very, very appreciative for you being here and for us to be able to connect with you in this way. It’s a really, it’s a joy and such an honour for us to be able to share what we know works and to be able to hopefully make your life a little bit easier. So we’ve got a lot of fun. I also do want a bit of a shout out for Holly Robinson, who is our marketing manager and also producer Holly on the podcast. And she’s been instrumental in getting us.

fancy pants, microphones, and ensuring that we do need to wear headphones for these recordings.

Michelle Hunter (27:54)

Yeah. And we also call her the golden larynx because her voice is magic. Yeah.

Chantelle Bruinsma (27:58)


Well, she’s a professional voice over artist, like, and you know, Aussie’s, you probably have heard her voice on a commercial and she also works with us as a full time marketing manager and she recorded our intro and outro. So if you’re wondering, that is Holly Robinson and she is a dream and we love her to bits. So thank you to Holly for helping bring all this together.

Michelle Hunter (28:21)

Thank you so much, Holly.

So stay tuned guys, we have so much more to come.

Chantelle Bruinsma (28:25)

Thank you lovely ones, see you in our next episode, bye

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