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Super Simple Summer Camps

Drastically increase your yearly revenue with lucrative and easy-to-run summer and holiday camps.


"Get instant access to 15 video tutorials + workbook + all of my secret formulas for running a magical money-making and star student-attracting summer holiday camp. "

- Chantelle Bruinsma CEO & Founder of Studio Evolution

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Summer is a stressful time for studio owners, with a steep dip in revenue when term-based classes are paused. Not to mention the added pressure to win back students who drop off over the break. And who has the time to create, market and execute summer holiday programs?

Fear not fair studio owner! I can help.

What if you could create a profitable and low-maintenance summer camp that kept your students beautifully engaged over the holiday period? And kept your cash flowing? You might be thinking that you don’t have the time or it’s going to be too much work.

That’s why I created Super Simple Summer Camps - the secret sauce to studio success.

Believe me, I’ve been there…

This is me, in my twenties, over 15 years ago. All the naivety in the world!  Scrambling to figure out how to run a summer holiday camp. I struggled to make ends meet. I would put on a brave face and work until 2am to prepare for the following day, barely covering costs. I was about to give up but two things stopped me.

1. My students loved the summer camp program 

2. So did I

I needed to make them profitable and sustainable – fast. I developed systems and templates that took the guesswork and unpredictability out of running summer camps. That year I made over 6 figures from my holiday camps alone. 


Let me teach you how.

Introducing Super Simple Summer Camps

This program shows you how to run valuable, money-making summer camps without the stress. You get instant access to 15 video tutorials + workbook + all of my exclusive templates to make running your summer camps a (lucrative) breeze.

When you buy Super Simple Summer Camps you get:

This course is perfect for all Studio types

Stephanie Kielpinski Radovich
Stephanie Kielpinski RadovichHibbing, MN - USA
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Wanted to share my happy moment!!! ONE HUNDRED KIDS enrolled in summer classes. 100 unique students and we don't start for another two weeks!

Instant access to 15 videos + Digital workbook

Chauniece Conner Thompson
Chauniece Conner ThompsonMemphis, Tennessee - USA
Read More
Two simple words sums it all up for me, "simply amazing!"

The Super Simple Summer Camps Curriculum



Discover the special secret sauce of summer holiday camps and how they’re the key to growing your core studio, increasing student loyalty and expanding your reach into the community.

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Learn how to set up your summer camp formula so you can roll it out every summer. No stress, no fuss.

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Master the art of empowering your team to deliver a consistent and inspiring experience totally independently.

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Instant access to 15 videos + Digital workbook

Hollee Hibberson
Hollee HibbersonBrisbane QLD - AUS
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The videos were really easy to follow along with and watch. Everything is explained really clearly! I love Chantelle's style of teaching - it's really relatable and super fun! Studio Evolution has made learning really approachable for me.

Instant access to 15 videos + Digital workbook

Holly Hibberson
Holly HibbersonBrisbane QLD - AUS
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The videos were really easy to follow along with and watch. Everything is explained really clearly! I love Chantelle's style of teaching - it's really relatable and super fun! Studio Evolution has made learning really approachable for me.

How does this work?


Let me show you how to create your own Super Simple Summer Camps

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For over a decade, I have been helping studio owners just like you to expand and evolve their businesses. Summer camps can be a treasure chest of rapid growth and financial security for any style of studio - music, dance, yoga, fitness or art. Let’s unlock the power of summer camps and watch your business thrive.

The Studio Evolution Community is a home for studio owners. We come together to provide support, knowledge and sometimes just a friendly ear to have a chat. We offer tailored support specific to studio owners so you can grow your business without burnout. 

Super Simple Summer Camps is just the tip of the fairy wand of what we can do for you. I can’t wait to stand beside you and help you achieve your dream vision for your studio business. Let’s make magic together!

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Instant access to 15 videos + digital workbook

Emma Hughes
Emma HughesGross Vale NSW - AUS
Read More
Love this course!! I'm learning so much and it's opened my eyes to new and exciting ways to improve and grow my studio!
Sherry Johnson
Sherry JohnsonColumbia, TN - USA
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If you are a studio, ready to burst open the doors, Studio Evolution has the key! They truly know how to unlock the door and make room for your growth. There simply aren't enough words to say how valuable this team of experts is for any business.
Ryan Newall
Ryan NewallWindsor NSW - AUS
Read More
Chantelle is amazing...she has helped me so much! 5 Stars.
Sharee Stirling
Sharee StirlingMarburg, QLD - AUS
Read More
Thank you so much...! I put my head on my pillow tonight feeling a new sense of pride and achievement... today my camp was a big success!


It’s recommended that you have a studio with existing students to do this course but feel free to join even if you don’t! It can be a great way to jumpstart your studio numbers! 

This course was basically written for studio owners like you. It takes all the guesswork out of running holiday and summer programs so you can take a break, hand it off to your team and earn money in your studios down time.

Super Simple Summer Camps is created to work for music, dance, theater, yoga and any similar programs for youth and adults!

I have over a decade of experience in running studios and I’ve formulated a fool proof system to make summer and holiday camps work for you. I’ve seen all the mistakes that studio owners can make and I’ve created a template to follow for Super Simple Summer Camp success. And it’s all based on my own experience running summer camps with over 1000 students! It will be different this time. Guaranteed.

We are big believers in leveraged learning and that is why we have created the Studio Evolution Masterclass Facebook Group so you can engage and also learn from our community of studio owners. You will notice that the support and comments from the community members are electric. The more you engage and connect, the more you will gain and learn. This group is also  monitored by the Studio Evolution Home Team so you can post any questions you have about Super Simple Summer Camps in this group. Join the Community now!

Absolutely! If you can hit play on a video, you’re good to go!

Immediately! As soon as you sign up you get instant access to all the course materials and workbook.

You will receive lifetime access to the Super Simple Summer Camp so you can log in and access your content at your convenience. You will be provided with your own login details to the Studio Evolution Library so you can access the course everywhere and anywhere.

What have you got to lose? If you don’t sign up for Super Simple Summer Camps everything stays the same.

You get a yearly drop in revenue, the stress of luring students back the next year and an annual missed opportunity for exponential business growth. 

If you DO sign up for Super Simple Summer Camps you get the full package of video tutorials + workbook + all of my formulas and templates to run wildly successful and profitable summer camps. If you’re ready to take a small but mighty leap for your studio business, now is your chance! 

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