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Facts & Questions

Facts & Questions

It’s a 2-year immersive program designed to re-build your studio from the foundation up. You are supported every single step of the way with online weekly zoom trainings, magical retreats, specialised 1:1 coaching and submission of Key Projects throughout the pillars. 

You’re never alone on this journey, we’re here to help you no matter what. Our program has a 97% completion rate, and the worldwide average completion rate for online courses is 13%!!! Believe us when we tell you that we will get there. You can have the calm, profitable and freedom-rich life you’ve always wanted.  

There are 6 Key Pillars and they each cover an area of your business. 

Elegant Ease 
Enchanting Experience 
Positive Prosperity 
Nurturing Attraction 
Retention Intention 
Evolving Leaders 

Each pillar takes you through a specific area of your business. We work methodically throughout the two years to ensure your business is re-developed thoughtfully and consciously. We leave no stone unturned in your business make-over with Studio Evolution! 

Nope, sorry! We aren’t a pick and mix. It’s all-in at Studio Evolution. We know that in order to get the best results you need a wholistic approach to your business.

Why yes we do! It’s one of our major food groups here at Studio Evolution HQ

We pride ourselves on our community building and teamwork ethic, but we also know that some people like to keep themselves. It’s cool! You do you. If you need some space, that’s totally fine. We cater to all kinds of learners here. Half our staff are introverts so we’ve got you.

Each of the pillars listed above has a key project that needs to be submitted. This is just to make sure that what we’re teaching is sinking in, so we can hold you accountable to take the action that will change your business for the better. 

Both! A printed hardcopy will be sent to you at the beginning of each pillar in your Pillar Box, and the materials will also be available online. So the digital and analogue lovers are both catered for.

You’ll be divided into pods which is a smaller group within the Studio Evolution group, and these people will be your business besties through the program. Seriously, we have pod buddies go on to be lifelong friends!

Absolutely – dance, pilates, yoga, fitness, music, drama. If you have a building where you teach students stuff, we can help.

Yes, we need you to have an operational studio, with enrolled students but size doesn’t matter! We cater for small studios right up to commercial franchised studios. Everyone is welcome here at Studio Evolution.

The program is 2 years in total, but your commitment is only for the first year – you get to decide if you want to continue to the next year, and 91% of people do! There are trainings you need attend to attend each week but these are also recorded for your convenience to view at a later time. You do get out what you put in though, so the more you give, the more get. Minimum 2 hours a week to absorb all the content, plus any additional time you can spend working on your Key projects.

Our team of mentors are experienced studio owners who will guide and help you through the course. They’re like Studio Fairy God Parents – they’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. You’ll get to meet with a Mentor every week, as well as have 1-on-1 time with them. We have Mentors in different parts of the globe, so it’s really time-zone friendly.

Yes! You get 3x 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions per pillar. You can use these sessions to work on anything that needs personal attention in your studio or just have a rant to someone who knows what you’re going through

Mini Studio Reviews are the bees knees. Trust us. They’re a beautiful opportunity to talk through your concerns and fears with one of our Community Coaches about your studio and our program with absolutely no obligation to join. We’re not into talking people into joining – we want you to WANT to be here because that’s where the magic happens. Mini Studio Reviews are like a first date to see if we work well together.

It’s our wonderful Facebook group of studio owners from all over the world. We use this group to deliver free content to help you get more students through your doors, more money in your personal bank account and more time to do the things you love. It’s like a little appetizer for the full Studio Evolution experience. 

Absolutely! Our Masterclass Community we mentioned above is the place to start – click here to get your free access.

Once you join you will be given access to the central library that contains every recorded training session, all the PDFs you need and extra resources. If you miss anything at all during your training, it will can be found here.

Definitely! Most of our students are  in USA/Canada/Australia/UK so we make sure that all time zones are catered for. We have team members based in the US, Canada and Australia  (our founder and core team are based in Australia) so location is absolutely no barrier. 

Yes! We have package rates if one or more of your partners wants to do the course with you – just email us at and let us know.

Just email us at and ask us anything!

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