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Introducing: Seasons of Evolution

I have something very special to share with you. Join me as I reveal the process of making our new manifesto.
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I’ve been in business for a long time – 11 years running Studio Evolution and several years before then running 6 performing arts studios. 


Over the years, the one thing that keeps me grounded is coming back to my ‘why’. Why am I doing this? It’s not money and it’s not success. Although I’ll happily take a generous helping of those too, please! 


It’s about serving, connecting and making a difference in this small corner of the world. 


The studio owner industry IS small. It can feel enormous when you’re a part of it. So many studios, teachers, academies, qualifications and conferences. Success stories, fame chasing. Competing studios. That constant state of seeking glory. 


When everything feels overwhelming, I like to pause. Slow down. Listen to the whispers. 


I know that seems like a strange concept nowadays when it seems everyone is telling you to keep up with the pace of society and technology, take up space, be loud!


Just for a moment, I want you to pause. Listen. And really think about your ‘why’.


Recently, I spent a solid week working on my new manifesto. I set aside some time with my copywriter and designer and we did the deep work. We did a lot of reflecting and searching. We threw a lot of beautiful ideas in the bin because they weren’t quite right. We took the ideas that did feel right and we moulded them and remoulded them until it felt good within our souls. 


I’d like to share with you our process in creating the new Studio Evolution Manifesto because I want you to know that finding your why, your anchor, your purpose is work. And it takes time.


The first concept we came up with was the circle. There is no destination for success, it’s a cyclical journey. We are constantly moving and learning and we need to stop looking at success as a landing pad. It’s a beautiful, circular experience. Studio owners enter at different stages. It’s not prescriptive, it’s a flow. 


Then we played with the concept of 4 states. North, South, East, West. Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring. Wisdom, Justice, Courage, Temperance. Happiness, Achievement, Significance, Legacy. 


We fell on ‘seasons’ and it felt so aligned with everything we do at Studio Evolution. 


Working on a loose basis of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer we came up with the Seasons of Evolution.


Within Studio Evolution, what we guide you through is transformation – of your business and also of yourself. Just like in nature, there are seasons you must go through as this occurs.


You always begin with a degree of Awakening of Potential. This is the season of spark. Inspiration. There’s a part of you that says “I’m ready for more”. You are on the precipice of who you have been and who you want to become. Just like a phoenix, you have to let go of how you’ve done things in the past to make way to grow into the next level of yourself.


The next season is Nourishing of Foundations. Here, you are to hold things beautifully and tenderly because this is the season of stillness. You are usually running so fast that you don’t get enough time to nourish the foundations of your business and that is why studios struggle. You should celebrate the time to slow down. To feel. To think. To consider. Before you step into the next place.


Strides of Purpose is where you start running, but because you’ve come from your place of pause, you know where you are running. You know why you are running and you know what you are going to do. This is the season of movement. Action. Give it a go, brave the elements. Take big beautiful leaps towards your dreams. 


Then, you inevitably step into the stage that we desire for all of you – Ripples of Liberation. The season of magic and joy. This is often where we see our Grads get to and it is a beautiful thing to witness. It is basking in the glow of your spaciousness and flow. Coming home to your joy. 


Of course, once you’ve been sitting in Ripples of Liberation for a while, inevitably, naturally, there becomes an awakening of another level of potential. And the cycle begins once more.


Finally we added our signature hand gestures. We work in an industry of physical expression and our hands tell beautiful stories.


The hands in our manifesto represent sparkles of magic potential, tiny waves of laying foundations, bubbles of energy and purpose and ripples of play and freedom. 


This is the Seasons of Evolution Manifesto of 2024. 


It works on a micro and a macro level. 


It is a model for personal transformation.


It is a model for business transformation.


It is reflective of me, of Studio Evolution as a company, of our Home Team and you will see it in you. You will go through multiple iterations of this in every area of your life as you evolve.


My favourite thing about this manifesto? It isn’t done. Not even close. 


It looks done. It feels really good in this moment. 


Next season it will feel different. I’ll add to it, tweak it. 


It’s all about the seasons and honouring our movement and flow. 


Take a moment to pause. Be still. Be in a season of Nourishing Your Foundations and find your why. 


It’s a very beautiful place to be. 

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Join Masterclass: It's a free group with monthly training sessions designed to keep you motivated as you grow your studio in an authentic and heart led way - for Studio Owners

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