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Want More Students?

More Money?

More Freedom?

Take an extraordinary step forward in growing your studio business with The Leap

The Leap is a 6-week course that will see your studio business Leap to the next level of growth with less stress and less time wasting. 

I’ll guide you step-by-step for 6 weeks to transform your studio business…and your life! 

Let’s take The Leap. 

Sign Up TODAY and get…


  • The Leap: 6 Modules of training, monthly live calls, and free access to all future updates and Leap trainings
  • BONUS: Retention Solution – How to boost your student retention up to 95% ($497 value | 42 Pages & 10 Video Modules)
  • BONUS: Super Simple Summer Camps – How to create profitable summer camps that generate revenue and engagement during holidays ($197 value | 19 Pages & 15 Video Modules)
  • BONUS: Quick Wins Library – ‘100 ways to grow your studio’, ’52 weeks of retention’, ‘Be remembered as remarkable’, ‘Count your conversions’, & ’10 Ways to build your community’ ($197 value | 44 Pages)

P.S. The Leap is a doing course not a learning course.


This is the program that has seen Studio enrolments climb within the first week of implementation.

It’s 6 weeks x 1 Task per week to implement in your Studio.

The goal is to get you 20 new enrolments in 6 weeks.

Come take The Leap for 6 weeks and let’s transform you and your Studio into something spectacular. 

If you’re still unsure, scroll on and learn a little more about how The Leap can work for you.

Why is it that so many studio owners stay stuck?

Stuck in your student numbers.

Stuck in your earning bracket 

Stuck working hours that you’re not paying yourself for.

Right now, what is the biggest thing holding you back from growing your studio? 

Do you feel isolated and like you’re drowning in admin?

You know you need to get more students but you can never find the time to plan (or roll out!) a marketing strategy.

You barely have time to brush your teeth let alone think about growing your business. 

You can’t work harder. You’re already doing too much. Something needs to change.

You need to try something different. You need to try something fast and effective. 

You need to take The Leap. 

Does this sound like you?

I’m working as hard as I can, but it never seems like it’s enough.  

 I get intimidated and overwhelmed with all the different marketing things I should be doing. 

 I’ve tried to copy different things I see online and it just isn’t working. 

 My income is stuck. I wanted my studio business to be my dream career but right now I’m barely keeping afloat.

 I don’t want to sacrifice even more time away from my family to get success

 I’ve hit a wall and I need someone to help me Leap over it. 

My studio is my passion. It’s my world and I’m devoted to helping it succeed. 

Running a studio has traditionally been a labour of love.

You pour everything you’ve got into your business 24/7, you just wish it would be easier to do what you love. 

 The fact that you are here means you care and that you’re ready. What a powerful place to be in. 

You don’t need to do this alone. 

You deserve someone on your side who is an expert in OUR unique type of business. 

The wonderful, messy, rewarding world of studio ownership. 

The world of timetables, rescheduling lessons and connections from students that melt your heart. 

The desire to grow your studio is there.

Now you need someone to show you the exact moves to GET you there.

Let’s do this together.

BUT you’ve heard this all before, right?

You’ve probably looked up advice for studio owners, but it’s all the same…  

Do more marketing! Start a TikTok page! Spend more money on ads!

But this advice is not tailored to you, it’s generic and overwhelming

And because it’s hard for you to connect with it, you don’t do anything with it. 

Sure, you might pick up a few little gems here and there, but not enough to drastically change the growth of your studio.

Which means you stay stuck where you are. 

Another year rolls around and your numbers aren’t that much better than last year. 

It’s. So. Frustrating. 

That’s why we created The Leap. 

We wanted to show studio owners how to achieve real, dramatic growth in their studios in a way that made their hearts light up and their eyes sparkle. 


Here’s the problem.

We’re all different. All studio businesses are different. There are music studios, dance studios, drama academies. Kids, adults. Pilates, fitness, yoga. Group classes. 1:1 Lessons. Online & hybrid classes. 

What works for one studio may not work for another. We also know that studios are in different phases of growth. What works for a studio with 100 students, may not work for one with 1000 students. 

Every studios need different tactics. Every studio need to focus on different things specific to them. Every studio owner has things that come naturally to them and things that hold them back. 

We tailor our advice and tools depending on where YOU are in your journey. Not where we think you should be or where you want to be. We meet you where you are. 

The Leap is your one-way ticket out of the madness of running a studio without proper automation, marketing, systems and a rockstar team.


What if growing your studio felt effortless rather than exhausting? 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

If you’ve tried to grow your studio in the past and struggled, you were probably making the most common mistake studio owners make without realising it. 
We believe that every single studio has the potential to become a highly profitable, highly successful business, they just need a rock-solid plan. 
But, a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter studio growth plan ain’t gonna cut it.  
Maybe the reason running your studio is exhausting is because you’re trying so many things, nothing is working and you’re like a headless chook desperate to find a solution. 
Most studio owners don’t realise there is a different way of doing things. 
That’s why, in The Leap, we look at your unique strengths and bring them to the front in creating your strategy for growing your studio. 
You are the heart of your studio, so why shouldn’t you be at the heart of how we plan to grow your biz?
Makes sense, right?
If you’ve felt like running your studio is relentless and you want to climb out of your rut and you want to climb out fast, it’s time to take The Leap. 
I’m not going to ask you to change your whole business model or make any wild changes. 
In The Leap, we’ll show you the tiny tweaks to make to your marketing that will create drastically different results without all the hoo haa. 
We meet you where you’re at and we can help you create the studio…and the life…of your dreams. 
Sound good?
Now. All you have to do is say yes
Join us for 6 weeks of coaching, ongoing monthly live calls and masterful strategy to help you Leap to the next level of your studio’s growth. 

Get out of the rut. We’re here to give you the nudge you need. 

Here’s what I’m going to give you in The Leap. 

Which of these would help you the most? 

You’re going to get the accountability you need to start getting the growth you want. 

You’re going to breakthrough what’s been holding your studio back by learning what to do differently.

You’re going to receive the specific strategies that will help your studio make the Leap to the next level.

You’re going to be motivated like never before, with practical, step-by-step Leap Tasks that will inspire you to achieve.

You’re going to find it easy to celebrate reaching new milestones in the growth of your studio.

You’re going to have the freedom as a studio owner you’ve always wanted!

P.S. One important side note for you: 

This ain’t just a learning course. 

This is a doing course.

With every Module, you’ll receive a Leap Task to do, think of it like a mini task. 

Each Weekly Leap has been specifically designed to create the growth you want and give you the accountability to ensure it gets done.

This isn’t a sit back and take it all in from the sidelines kinda course…

My intention is that you will enrol a minimum of 20 students within the next 6 modules (as little as 6 weeks!).

That’s my commitment to you. Let me walk you through it a little more.

How do we do this?

After working with 1000’s of studio owners over 11 years, we have discovered that most studio owners fall into one of four Studio Owner Archetypes. 


“In The Leap, I’ve created a Personalised Plan for each Archetype that makes growing your studio easier and more joyful than ever before.”

What we don’t want is for you to waste time. There’s no point doing things that aren’t necessary for the stage you’re at in your business. 

The Leap gives you a personalised plan that is actually going to create results for you and your studio

Let us create a personalised path for you to grow your studio and experience more joy, freedom and profits. 

Learn which archetype you are and let’s get started on The Leap that’s perfect for you. 

It just makes sense.

 So what are the Studio Owner Archetypes? 

The 4 studio archetypes reveal the hidden formula for studio business success. By finding out which archetype you are you can learn more about your strengths and leverage them to grow your studio business beyond your wildest dreams. 

Let’s dive into the four Studio Archetypes. 

You might see yourself and think – yep, that’s me!


The Empowerer

The Nurturer

The Empowerer archetype is a nurturing and supportive studio owner who creates a second home for their students and teachers. They are gifted at cultivating excellence and fostering personal growth. They often sacrifice their own needs in favour of their students and business.


The Educator

The Expert Teacher

The Educator archetype is a nurturing, passionate teacher who inspires excellence in their students. They seek mastery in their classroom, but may struggle with the business side of things, preferring to focus on creating the most enriching classes for their students.


The Entertainer

The Magnetic Host

The Entertainer archetype is a magnetic and charismatic studio owner who thrives on creating thrilling experiences and celebrating their students’ achievements, but struggles to balance their passion with discipline and structure.




The Entrepreneur

The Visionary

The Entrepreneur archetype is a driven and innovative visionary who excels at generating outstanding ideas and taking rapid action but struggles to follow through making all their dreams a reality. 

You might be one Archetype – or you might be a combo!

The important thing that I want you to know right now is that each Archetype has concrete strengths and sabotages that play out in their businesses. 

In The Leap, I’ve done the leg work in exploring how each Archetype relates to growing their business. Then, I’ve created a master plan that is perfectly suited to each Archetype, giving them ways to grow their studio that excites them, rather than exhausts them.

The Leap is a shortcut to success, because we’re working with your personal strengths, rather than just working with the status quo. 

This is why we created The Leap.

Generic business advice doesn’t cut it anymore. You have unique gifts and offerings for your studio business and we want to help you unlock that magic and take the next Leap forward in the success of your business.

The Leap is a 6-week scalable and profitable studio model that we tailor to suit your studio business. We can make it work for any studio business that delivers classes, including adult studios, early childhood programs and performing arts academies. 


We have helped thousands of studios grow their enrolments and profits – now you can too.

Sometimes you have to take a leap to realise your dreams…

Introducing: The Leap

with Chantelle Bruinsma, Founder of Studio Evolution

So what happens in The Leap?

  • It’s a 6-week course tailored to the unique strengths of your archetype designed to help you rapidly grow your enrolments with ease. 
  • Work at your own pace through the 6 recorded videos and supplied workbooks (we suggest one per week).
  • You get ongoing monthly live calls with Chantelle to ask questions, receive coaching and have dedicated working time to actually roll out the strategies – even after you’ve finished all the modules!
  • There are 6 modules with brilliant strategies to help you make each Leap efficiently – let’s see that growth! 
  • You’ll be motivated to easily enrol more students in ways that will surprise and delight you!  
  • You’ll join a community of big-hearted studio owners who will inspire you to achieve more.
Pay Once. Get Lifetime Access To Leap Again And Again And Again.

The Leap 6-week course is available INSTANTLY upon purchase for you to work at your own pace. You also have live monthly calls with Chantelle PLUS access to every live 6-week round of The Leap that we run (that’s 2 per year).

There really is nothing like live personal support. A fully present expert who you can ask a question and they will respond in real-time. Rest assured you are never more than a month away from a live check in with our team.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this powerful and effective studio growth plan.

One of the big bonuses when you join The Leap is Lifetime Access.

You will be able to access the materials forever and re-join the live course each year whenever your business needs to leap to a new level!

Your first time in The Leap, you might leap by 20 students – next year, 50 students! We’re looking forward to leaping with you as large as you desire your studio to grow. 

Depending on when you find yourself on this page, we could be starting the next live round of The Leap just around the corner. Or there could be a live check-in call with Chantelle happening tomorrow! 

Ensure to secure your place and take your business to your new heights.

You’re about to learn the art of growing a studio with ease. Here’s how we do it:

Leap Icon

Leap 1: Your Personalised Plan

  • A comprehensive approach to growing your studio based on your Studio Owner Archetype.
  • No more cookie-cutter strategies, we dive deep into what will work for you and your studio!
Leap Icon

Leap 2: Magnetic Marketing

  • Discover how precise and powerful marketing can be with a strategy that attracts new students effortlessly.
  • Learn how you can enrol more students as you sleep!
  • Roll out a brilliant strategy to become the most in-demand, most recommended studio in town.
Leap Icon

Leap 3: The Five Laws of The Leap

  • These 5 non-negotiable studio marketing secrets will transform how you promote your studio forever.
  • Gain the confidence to promote your studio in a way that recognises the amazing quality of programs you run! No more hiding in the corner, it’s time to shine.
Leap Icon

Leap 4: 360° Studio Marketing Plan

  • Work smarter, not harder with our marketing plan that saves you time, effort and energy.
  • The exact strategies studio owners are using right now to enrol 20 students this month. 
  • My best time-and-money saving tips for batching your marketing in one go. Design it once, I say!
Leap Icon

Leap 5: AI For Studio Marketing

  • This week will blow your mind. Revolutionise how you use AI by learning out approach that’s been perfected for studio marketing.
  • Systemise your studio and have more time to do what you really love – connect with your students.
Leap Icon

Leap 6: The Leadership Ladder

  • Dramatically growing your studio takes more than marketing. In Leap 6 you’ll learn the Leadership Ladder to guide your studio’s growth to the next level.
  • Celebrate the growth you’ve achieved in just 6 weeks and be inspired by what’s possible with this new level of confidence. We’ll be cheering you on!

What if…

  • You felt energised every time you opened the door to your studio?
  • Your business worked for you instead of the other way around?
  • Your classes were full and had a healthy waitlist?
  • You weren’t scared of your bank account and instead felt calm and in control of your business finances?
  • You didn’t have to be a slave to the studio and could actually take some time off and watch your studio flourish without you constantly monitoring it? 
  • You didn’t have to wait for this to be your reality?

In The Leap, you’ll receive personalised guidance based on your Archetype in the most effortless strategy for you to grow your studio. 

We’ll take the guesswork out of growing your studio for you by giving you a proven plan based on your strengths. 

This gives you complete confidence and certainty in how to grow your studio. 

But even better than that, marketing your studio becomes a delight and you’ll witness the joy of full classes!

How do I enrol?

The Leap is a fast acting solution to your stagnant student growth and it’s designed to help you climb out of that rut quick smart and get on with running that beautiful studio of yours. 

With Lifetime Access, you can continue to Leap to the next level of growth year after year!

Most Flexible



Best Value



Extended Payment Option


USD$197 /mth

Lydia Johnson - Google Review for SE

30-day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee. 

We aren’t in the business of wooing people with false promises and we want to make sure that you get value out of this investment. 

That’s why we have the 30-day money back guarantee. If you start the 6-module course and you realise it’s not for you, you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked. All you have to do is submit the worksheets we walk you through and show us that this program is not for you. 

We are committed to helping you grow your studio business and if this isn’t the right path for you, we support that decision. We are confident that if we do the work together, you will get results from jumping into The Leap.

Sign up now and get these extra bonuses! 


The Retention Solution Valued At $497 – Yours Free!

This program shows you how to shift your focus into keeping students – one of the simplest and easiest ways to solidify your earnings and reduce the amount of time and energy you need to put into general marketing. 

This Includes:

Get instant access to 10 video tutorials + workbook + all of my exclusive templates and formulas to give you the power to keep your students on your books… and not your competitor’s books!

This course includes videos that are just for you as the studio director, as well as videos that talk directly to your teachers. Choose to give access to your teachers, or learn the content and deliver the ideas to them in a team training. This course is perfect for all studio types!


Super Simple Summer Camps

Valued at $197 – Yours Free!

Drastically increase your yearly revenue with lucrative and easy-to-run summer and holiday camps. This course will show you how!

This Includes:

This program shows you how to run valuable, money-making summer camps without the stress. You get instant access to 15 video tutorials + workbook + all of my exclusive templates to make running your summer camps a (lucrative) breeze.

What if you could create a profitable and low-maintenance summer camp that kept your students beautifully engaged over the holiday period? And kept your cash flowing? You might be thinking that you don’t have the time or it’s going to be too much work.

That’s why I created Super Simple Summer Camps – the secret sauce to studio success. And it is yours free when you purchase The Leap!


The Quick Wins Library

Valued at $197 – Yours Free! 

We will give you access to some of the most valuable resources which you can instantly plug and play into your studio business. When you need some turbo momentum and those quicks wins, these resources will show you how.

This Includes:

  • 100 Ways To Grow Your Studio
  • 52 Weeks of Retention
  • 200 Words to Advertise Your Studio 
  • Be Remembered As Remarkable
  • Count Your Conversions
  • 10 Ways to Build Your Community

If you love your studio, but wish growing it was easier…

Let me show you with a bit of smart strategy just how creative, playful and joyful growing a studio can be. 

I’m so excited for you to discover just how much you are capable of achieving in your business. 

The Leap is your ticket to a new world of freedom as a studio owner: financial freedom, freedom of time and freedom from stress! 

It’s a low-cost, low-time investment that will give your business the super nudge it needs to grow into the studio business of your dreams. 


Don’t just take our word for it…


Why should YOU take The Leap?

We’re all individuals here. Individuals with different personalities, teaching styles, and studios to boot. You have your own ways of achieving success, and we want to give you the keys to unlock your inner power that only YOU have.

Click below to find out just how The Leap will help you, based on your Studio Owner Archetype

Educators often resist business tasks, especially marketing. As an educator, your strength is teaching – sharing your knowledge with your students makes your heart happy. You are a pro in the classroom, but we need people outside of your classroom to know the magic you create!

Wouldn’t it be amazing for more students to be able to experience the quality and calibre of education you know you provide? (Not the dodgy teachers down the road?)  

We can share with you the marketing methods that don’t make you squirm and simple automations that will save you weeks of time so you can get back to doing what you love.

If you are confident that what you deliver in the classroom is the real deal, we’ve got you covered.  We can help you feel as confident in marketing your studio as you do in crafting a lesson plan.

Entrepreneur’s are often held back from success simply because they run so fast and dream so big that they can’t keep up with all the ideas swirling! It always feel like there isn’t enough time or human power to implement everything you want to do. While this is certainly a strength, it’s also something you need some guidance on.

Your secret sauce is your fire and energy. You have a million ideas a minute and you’re always firing on all cylinders. What you need is someone to help you cut through all the ideas and get really clear on what is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of where to invest your time. That’s where we come in.

In The Leap, we take that naturally strategic brain of yours and share with you how to get the results you want, without working so hard. 

Entertainers are pleasure seekers – you always want to have fun, no matter what you’re doing. This tends to mean you might overlook organisational tasks and struggle a little with time management and business skills. Because you’re far too busy being the life of the party – and we love you for it! 

We want to work with your strengths, not against them. We’ll meet you where you are with your beautiful fun loving spirit and use that help you hone in on your marketing approach so we can balance your personality and passion with discipline and structure.

You’re a natural connector and people are attracted to your magnetic energy. When we infuse this into a solid plan that enrols more students with consistency, you can enjoy your business more and become even more the heart of the community. 

Empowerers spend most of their energy creating nurturing and supportive environments for their students and teachers. True community builders, they struggle the most with enforcing boundaries and letting go of control.

They also tend to overcommit and are very susceptible to burn out. We will help Empowerers to also empower themselves and build on their strength to become impactful leaders and grow their studios without compromising their values.

You don’t need to be there, holding everyone’s hands all the time. As we empower you to step more into the visionary role, you’ll witness everyone on your team step into even more of their talents!  Think how happy your team will be when you’ve enrolled so many more students for them to work their magic with! 

How could The Leap transform YOUR studio?

We’ve had the pleasure of leading 1000’s of studios on their own personal and studio growth journeys. You’ll be surrounded by so many fantastic studio owners that get you and your struggles, and have made it to the freedom they deserve…

Who is Chantelle?

Chantelle Bruinsma is a born teacher. She has a true affinity with the performing arts, starring in musicals and studying opera and choral conducting. While studying for her music education degree, Chantelle founded a successful performing arts studio which she grew to six locations across Sydney in just under 4 years. With her rapid growth and a team of 35+ teachers, it wasn’t long before other studio owners were approaching Chantelle to share her strategies. She started off with private coaching clients, but soon was at capacity.

This was when Studio Evolution was born. This new business model allowed Chantelle to share her business strategies with many people at once, in the industry she loved.

Her 2-year immersive program for studio owners began – its intention was to help studio owners grow their businesses for more profits, freedom and joy. Today, studios from 34 countries have doubled their students, achieved 97% retention, built a loyal team and halved their workloads thanks to the strategies and tools in Studio Evolution.

We are here to  provide a safe sanctuary for studio owners to learn and grow within their businesses. We give the practical resources and strategies needed to succeed but also the supportive network that empowers them to thrive.

Here’s a reminder of what you get when you join today!

Customised Training for Every Archetype

Do it your way by discovering the perfect marketing plan for your Archetype that makes growing your studio a joy.  

Practical Studio Business Strategy

With our signature motivating and practical content, you’ll be jumping to take action and roll out the new skills you learn each week. 

Live Coaching Calls With Chantelle 

Each month you have the opportunity to ask Chantelle your burning questions and receive expert guidance to Leap to the next level.

Then come together twice a year for our full 6-week Leap Live course.

Dedicated Implementation Time To Get Results

Stay accountable in our community and commit to 90 minutes a week for 6 weeks, and The Leap will have your studio growing with more ease than you’ve ever experienced. 

Fun Leap Weekly Tasks

Every week, you’ll receive a mini-task to roll out that’s guaranteed to get more students through the door with less stress than ever before.

Value Packed Bonuses

Talk about getting your value’s worth. We’ve put together an amazing bundle of bonuses worth almost $1000 USD that are sure to delight.

Get Started Now


Which of these is best for you: Most Flexible or Best Value?

Most Flexible


USD$597 /mth

Best Value



Extended Payment Option


USD$197 /mth

Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel like you need a little more information before taking The Leap – that’s totally fine. We are here to take care of you and answer all your questions!

Below are a bunch of common questions we get asked, but if you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to message me by clicking here

We know that financial stress is a daily reality for many studio owners.  We also know that doing more of the same is a recipe for more of the same. We’ve had clients come to work with us after spending decades barely breaking even and not taking a pay check. To me, the real question is, can you afford not to? If you’re treading water, trying to keep afloat The Leap is the expert strategy, personalised coaching and care that will get you off the hamster wheel of scraping by. 

With a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We are 100% confident in our ability to grow your studio, we’re here to help – all you have to do is decide you’re ready to take the leap. 

If you can give me 90 minutes per week for 6 weeks, I can show you the fastest, simplest, least-fuss way to transform your studio. The result?

6 weeks from now, you’ll see more students in your classes, more enquiries in your DM’s and more sparkle in your eyes. 

Let’s lean in together for 6 weeks to truly create the results you’re seeking in your studio.

I’m not here to teach you convoluted, complicated content.  

I’m not here to waste your time with things that aren’t going to work for you. 

I’m here to give you a whole new approach to growing your studio, one that enrols students effortlessly and creates measurable results in your business. 

I’ll keep it really simple and each week tell you just one thing you need to do to make real change. 

It’s like having your very own business coach in your back pocket for a fraction of the price. 

No fluff, all gold.  

If you can commit to 90 minutes each week, in that time I’ll teach you specifically what to do that week, coach you through making it happen AND give you time to work on actually getting it done. 

My goal is for you to actually roll each strategy out each week so that we see dramatic growth over the 6 weeks. 

I want results for you now, so the entire course has been designed to help you achieve with speed and ease. 

In our dedicated community, you’ll learn from and be inspired by those who are going through the course at the same time, boosting your accountability and momentum. 

You’ll also receive a sticker sheet and tracker to keep you motivated to get to your first Leap of 20 new students.

The Leap offers a scalable and profitable studio model that’s been PROVEN to work across different studios, including adult studios, early childhood programs and performing arts academies. All have prospered in this program and because of that I’m 100% confident this is the perfect solution for you too.

Our philosophy strongly advocates differentiation of strategy and creative innovation in studio management. We have no time for cookie cutter solutions. With our trademark tools, we’ll help you discover the essence of your studio. You’ll be different from any other studio in town. Whether your town is in Australia, Canada, the US, Norway or Bermuda!  In fact, we’ve successfully helped studios grow in over 37 countries around the world! 

FUN FACT: In fact, we’ve had competing studios from small, regional towns in our programs at the same time and BOTH have exponentially grown. There’s room for everyone!

For sure! After all, there’s lots of great content out there. That being said, the content likely isn’t focused on the studio model nor will it be focussed on YOUR studio model.  

The Leap offers a proven model for growing your studio – with dozens of raving testimonials from studio owners that have jumped from leap to leap with this course.

If you’ve loved our free content, just imagine how powerful our paid course is! Life. Changing.

The Leap is available on an Evergreen basis – which means, you can access all of the content and bonuses INSTANTLY!

Each month, we will run a live check-in call where you can come and get all your questions answered, and connect for some personalised support. If you miss this call, the recording will be made available in the member’s library within 24 hours.

The beauty of Lifetime Access means that twice a year, when we run our live 6-week round of The Leap, you will be able to join for no extra cost, and work through all the modules live each week with Chantelle and the Home Team. We’ve had many members come back and Leap to the next level of their studio’s growth by going through the modules again and again.

We understand how time consuming running a studio can be. 40, 50, 60+ hour weeks. So we don’t take your time lightly. 

Yes, The Leap is a time commitment. Especially if you want to see results. But you are free to work through the course at your own pace, as you have all resources available at your fingertips 24/7.

Additionally, we don’t just focus on growing your studio in size, we will also help you implement new systems to free up your time and give you back a work / life balance. By the end of the 6 weeks you may find yourself with more available time in your week than you’ve felt for a long, long time. 

And of course, any live calls with Chantelle are recorded if you can’t make it.  

Take The Leap Today

It’s time to do that bold thing… And it’s totally fine to feel nervous.

I understand that this is a really big investment!

You’re standing at the edge right now, and taking this Leap opens up a world of possibilities for you and the future of your studio. Our methods are proven, and we’ve transformed 1000’s of studio owners businesses and lives for the better.

Take The Leap with us. Remember, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Every story of a studio owner transforming their business began with them taking a little leap of faith. 

Let today be that for you! 

Most Flexible


USD$597 /mth

Best Value



Extended Payment Option


USD$197 /mth