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The People You Spend The Most Time With Are The Key To Your Studio Success

After wrapping up my latest 'Retention Intention' Pillar in our Studio Evolution program, this fact really hit me - the people you surround yourself with are incredibly influential to your success. I am so grateful for my people.
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I waved to the smiling faces on my screen and clicked the ‘end call’ button. 

Sighing with happiness I thought about how very, very lucky I am to be surrounded by such extraordinary people. 

Then I realised it’s not really luck, not in the traditional sense. No one just randomly ends up surrounded by extraordinary, magical sparkle humans. That would be luck. What I have is the rewards of intention. 

This is going to sound a little bit woo but hear me out!

Let me start with Retention Intention. 

It is one of the pillars of Studio Evolution and it’s a very special pillar. It guides studio owners through the process of creating an airtight retention strategy for their students. Creating a system that nurtures, encourages and finds a safe space for the people who come to your studio. It’s INTENTIONAL retention. 

Believe me when I say I apply ALL the same philosophies I teach when I hire my team. 

Studio Evolution team members must have strong values, the right vibe, the can-do attitude, a kind heart… and this is where the magic happens. 

I set intentions for the type of people I want on my team and when I find people who have the qualities I love, I snap them up. Because I know what I’m looking for, I have it written down, in ink! On paper! I never miss a gem because I’ve written the guidebook on gems. When I see a rare one, I know immediately. My system has never failed me. 

Your business relies on the people you surround yourself with. 

The meeting I had finished was the Celebration Ceremony for the Retention Intention pillar. It’s where we all come together and celebrate everyone who has completed this pillar of Studio Evolution. For some, it’s their first pillar, for some it’s their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. For some it’s their last ever pillar with Studio Evolution and THAT is a special, special moment. 

This Celebration Ceremony was everything I dreamed it would be. Studio owners coming together to share their successes, their fears, their accomplishments and their hurdles. 

One student said she felt like her business was legitimate because of this pillar and it gave her the power to truly lean in and focus on her studio. She said her studio had ‘taken off for the moon’ in this pillar. 

Taken off for the moon. 

Is there any place more wondrous than the moon? Absolute magic. 

The thing with intention (Retention Intention) is that it’s a slow burn. It’s like Pantene shampoo. I don’t know how far around the world this reached back in the 90s but in Australia we had an ad for Pantene hair products and the catch phrase was an absolute zinger. ‘It won’t happen overnight but it will happen.’

Intention is a slow burn. It takes time, building the foundations piece by piece. It’s planning out your next move on the roadmap in your business. Finding out where you’re leading people and what’s best for them on their journey. That includes your students AND your team. 

The calmness of my students during the Celebration Ceremony is what really stuck with me. Calm, organized, in control. 

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. 

That beautiful, slow, intentional growth. 

‘With the support of other studio owners in the program.’

This came up again and again during that ceremony. Support from business besties, a shoulder to lean on. Someone to talk through a strategy with. Someone to lend an ear when you’re having a tricky day. 

Retention Intention is about focussing on your students but it’s also about stepping into your leadership. Our studio owners really lean in to being the conductor of their business and not the orchestra. Allowing them the freedom and movement to evolve into higher levels of strategic thinking. 

‘My studio is exploding’

‘I’ve stepped out of my scarcity mindset’

‘Last year I had two students coming back for term one, this year I’m booked out’

‘I feel… stabilized’ 

‘It’s like I feel totally prepared for any curve balls life throws at me’

As I heard what our Evolution members were saying I was thinking ‘Yes! Yes!’

This is what I am here for. The big moments, the small ones. The building of foundations and the slow, intentional journey. 

The slowness of the journey is the most important factor when you look at the people surrounding you. 

They’ll be around you for a long time, so we better make sure they’re gems. 

ALL my best, 

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Join Masterclass: It's a free group with monthly training sessions designed to keep you motivated as you grow your studio in an authentic and heart led way - for Studio Owners

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