You're Invited To Reunion

Build Unstoppable Momentum. Experience Incredible Growth.


We are back friends, finally we are returning to live events and I could not be more excited.

It’s time to build unstoppable momentum in your studio. Over 2.5 days we are going to drop you into a new environment and repackage and reinvigorate one of your pre-existing programs. 

You’ll walk away with a ready-to-launch strategic plan that will be the catalyst to ignite enrolments and momentum in your business.

Here are the details...

Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May 2024

Peppers Manor House Southern Highlands

Sutton Forest NSW AUS 

...And here is what you get

Reunion 2024 is all about...

We’ve all experienced what a change in environment can do for us. 

It’s the escape from the day to day that allows you to completely shift your mindset and get laser-focused like nothing else. 

Think about how differently things are when you’re at home and then at the studio. At home or on a holiday in a different location. 

Reunion is 2.5 days to prime yourself for momentum that can change the trajectory of your Studio for the better. 

You’ll return to the Studio with a step-by-step gameplan to increase enrolments, profits and momentum. PLUS how to capitalise on the momentum and new business that will carry your Studio to the next level. 

Your stay at Peppers Lodge...

There are a number of places to stay in Sutton Forest including farm cottages, boutique hotels, Hillview Heritage Hotel and delightful AirBnB’s.

If you would like to stay at Peppers, we have a special discounted rate available as well.

In the past accomodation at the venue has sold out. So we suggest booking in sooner rather than later to make good use of our discounted rate.

If you would like to see the full range of accomodation options available, you can download the full PDF by clicking here.

The finer details:

Pricing: Current Studio Evolution Members

Tickets are AUD $550 + GST per person for current members of Studio Evolution. 

Pricing: Non-Current Studio Evolution Members & Grads

If you are not a current member at the time of purchase the ticket price is AUD $699 + GST per person.

What's the schedule?

Saturday 4th May

Welcome drinks at 5pm. We will be kicking off with some welcome drinks and connection time with your Business Besties and the Home Team at Peppers Manor House.

You can then kick on in the bar or Kaders Restaurant before you rest for Day 1 of Reunion.

There is also an expression of interest shuttle that can bring you from Sydney airport to Peppers Manor House.

Sunday 5th May

8.30 am commencement of Reunion Day 1 – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.

From 5 pm drinks and free time together with your fellow Reunion attendees and members of the Home Team.   Feel free to roll on with  dinner and more connection time with your Business Besties. Night 1 always brings out the fun!

Monday 6th May

8.30 am commencement of Reunion Day 2 – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.

Farewell and goodbyes from 3 pm.

3.30 pm – We have an expression of interest bus service that will be departing Peppers at approximately 3.30 pm to Sydney Airport.

Attend Reunion 2024

Current Evolution Members

Ticket $550 + GST

For current members of Studio Evolution at time of purchase. Click the button below to secure your spot.

Past Members

Ticket $699 + GST

If you are not a current member at the time of your Reunion ticket purchase – Graduates, ex-SEP members etc.

Want more details? You can download the Reunion PDF here:


Still unsure?

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably on the fence right? Feeling like you’re at a crossroads and unsure of what the right decision to be made is?

Do I have the money for this right now?

Do I have the time for this right now?

Why not leave booking my ticket until later?

Maybe I’ll wait until the next event.

I understand these feelings.

Trust me.

I’ve been in your shoes.

A decision like this can be really hard.

Let’s break this down together though.

I promise this will be a no-brainer once we do.

Do I have the money for this right now?

You’ve been through a lot with me by now, so think back on how much we have done together, and how much progress you’ve made. How different YOU are now.

A student is worth over $1000 to you and your studio over the course of a year. So for you to pay off this Reunion, you will only need to enrol 2 students.

I promise you my friend. We will do much more than that together.

Do I have the time for this right now?

Running a studio can be so time consuming and truly a labour of love. Some start their studios themselves, others take over from friends or family.

No matter how you got into being a studio owner that feeling of guilt that you get when you step away can be hard to shake. But for the good of your studio it is crucial you do.

It’s the reason we sometimes have the best ideas in the shower, walking the dog, or even doing the dishes. Removing yourself from the work can be the catalyst you need.

Einstein famously would take long walks, play the violin, or sail wooden boats to come up with some of his best ideas.

Allow yourself a few days in a fresh, energised environment and we will catch up, grow your studio and figure out ways to make your studio more efficient.

Why not leave booking my ticket to later?

Sometimes in life, life gets in the way. It’s easy to file something away for tomorrow, and even easier to forget to come back to something.

We only have limited spaces for this Reunion, and it only happens once a year. A time to connect and deepen your relationships with your fellow pod members and grads is truly one of the most special pieces of Studio Evolution.

If you have the time right now, I would recommend booking your place while spaces are available (and accomodation is cheap).

If you don’t have the time right now, I totally understand! Just make sure to write that reminder note!

Maybe I'll wait for the next event...

Now might not be the right time for you.

Maybe you have seen enrolments dip a little bit for the quarter. That can be so disheartening.

Maybe you have a beautiful bundle of joy on the way and you just don’t think you’ll have the energy or time – rightfully so! I’ll understand.

If there is a piece of you that feels you might regret it. Then I think you should follow that intuition and join us for this event. It only happens once a year and you certainly won’t regret taking a few days to connect and get that fresh spark of momentum in your studio.

Whatever you decide, thank you for supporting Studio Evolution and for being a part of our Evolution family.

All my best. Chantelle x