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Give Your Studio An Online Facelift

Let’s see how are you presenting online, and how can we give you one consistent core message that positions you as the best, the go-to studio in your area.
Give Your Studio An Online Facelift

When you think about the fact that about 50% of your students are coming through your website, through Google searches, it’s pretty important that we are looking our best online and presenting your studio in the very best possible light.

What happens these days is that there are so many different places we can have our studio online that we can often lose track of what message we’re communicating about our studio across all these different platforms and all these different touch points.

What we’re going to do today is do a little bit of a facelift.

Let’s see how are you presenting online, and how can we give you one consistent core message that positions you as the best, the go-to studio in your area.

Studio Online Audit

What we’re going to do here is a little bit of an audit. We’re going to see how are we presenting online and if we need to make a few little changes here or there.

How to begin your audit: start Googling your studio and print off everything you can find about your studio. I’d even go so far as to print off every page on your website.

Print off if you have a yellow page listing. If you are in any kids’ directories or activity directories online. I want you to print out your Facebook “about us” page. You name it, get it printed.

Then we can lay it out. Get your dining table, and lay everything out and step back and have a look.

What I want you to do then is to think, “okay, if I knew nothing about this studio, if I knew nothing about what you did, what would I learn and what type of image would I gain from what we have here?”

I want you to look at how professional does it look. I want you to look at the type of images that you’re using. I want you to look at the language of how you’re describing your studio.

Have you got a core message that’s kind of spread across every touch point? Have you got calls to action?

Let’s have a look and think “how well are we marketing this across the board”, and from there you can get a big red pen or get a highlighter and think “okay, we need to change that, that needs to be updated”, and let’s do a big revamp, a bit of a spring clean of your online image.

It’s going to feel so good to get everything consolidated and really representing what you stand for and what you represent in your studio.

Three Powerful Questions To Ask

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty here and whilst we’re doing this process there are three powerful questions that I like to ask.

Number One: If I knew nothing about your studio, what type impression of impression would I gain from what you’ve presented?

Number Two: Looking at what you have, how well does this marketing material position you as the go-to studio absolute authority studio in your area?

Number Three: How compelling is the marketing? How rich is the vocabulary, how strong are the calls to actions? How emotive and engaging is the copywriting so it makes me want to come and sign up for your classes straight away?

I want you to give yourself a score out of ten for question three.

We can then start to revamp everything, get a core message coming through because really, this is the key, it’s all about consistency.

I want someone to be able to go to your Facebook page and get the same impression about the studio that they do when they actually see it on your website. We want them to get the same understanding about what you represent when they come into the studio, when they speak to someone on the phone. We want consistency of messaging and of content across every touch point.

That Is Brand Gold.

The online face of your studio really can make or break how effectively we’re attracting new students.

If we’re not presenting in a professional way or if we don’t really have a clear construct of who we are and what we do, it’s really hard for students to grasp onto your studio and feel compelled to take action.

If you’re not happy with how many students you’re currently attracting, the first thing to do is this online facelift. Do the audit, look at where the gaps are and then start to pull everything back into where it should be.

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