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Personalised Plan

Reveal the hidden formula for studio business success! Dive in now to learn more about your strengths and leverage them to grow your studio business beyond your wildest dreams.

Welcome to Part 3: 
Your Super Power Strategy

Discover the best marketing strategy for your Archetype to easily enrol more students and make more money. Learn your Studio Business Super Power.

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Back to Part 1: Discover your Archetype
  • The amazing gifts of your Archetype
  • How your Archetype sabotages your studio’s growth
  • Play Archetype Bingo and tick off as many squares as you can!
Part 2: Work SMARTer, Not harder
  • How to avoid the repetitive mistakes that keep your studio small
  • The SMART Model and how it makes growing your studio easy
  • How to stop working so hard
Part 4: How to Take The Leap
  • Personalised marketing plan based on your Archetype
  • Set your studio up for more growth with less stress
  • Make a giant leap in your enrollments

Tell me what it would mean for you to crack 1,000 students, have a million dollar studio or have a business that allows you to work where ever you want ? How would it feel to be the ultimate Entrepreneur studio owner?

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