Discover How To Add $10k+ To Your Studio Over 2.5 Days

What is Elevate 2024?

Elevate 2024 is a 2.5 day live event presented by Chantelle Bruinsma. You’ll dive deep into your business strategy and walk away with a plan that will supercharge your revenue and enrolments.

After working with over 1000+ Studios, Chantelle has Studio businesses down to a science. No matter what type of Studio you are running, or how many students you currently have, Elevate Live is proven and transformative for both you and your Studio.

...And here is what you get

Here are the details...

Thursday 2nd – Saturday 4th May 2024

Peppers Manor House Southern Highlands

Sutton Forest NSW AUS 

Elevate 2024 is...

Your chance to connect, learn, and grow alongside other Studio owners just like yourself. The connection and relationships you will develop from soon-to-be friends from across the country are to be cherished.

You’ll network with Studios in your niche, as well as outside of your expertise. Both larger and smaller than you. You’ll glean insights and make breakthroughs that are so seldom discovered in isolation.

Plus you’ll work with Chantelle who has personally achieved growing her Studio into $1M+ a year and can bring you over a decade of experience allowing you to leap years ahead of where your Studio is right now.

Join us at Elevate and revolutionise your Studio faster than you could ever imagine.

What's on?

Thursday 2nd May 2024

Welcome Drinks at 5pm. We will begin with a welcome session – the perfect time to connect with your Business Besties and the Home Team at Peppers Manor House.

You can kick on at the bar or Kaders Restaurant before getting in some rest for Day 1 of Elevate. 

Friday 3rd May

Commencement at 8.30 am for Day 1 of Elevate. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. 

Drinks from 5pm and free time with fellow Elevate attendees and The Home Team. You can stay on and have dinner with the team or have more connection time with your Business Besties. 

Saturday 4th May

Commencement at 8.30 am for Day 2 of the Elevate. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. 

Farewell from 3.30pm. 

4 pm – Expression of interest bus leaves for Sydney airport for early evening flights. 

Is Elevate 2024 Worth It?

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably on the fence right? Feeling like you’re at a crossroads and unsure of what the right decision to be made is?

I’ve been in your shoes.

Right on the edge of wanting to make a decision. But just totally unsure of whether it’s the right idea.

Do I have the money for this right now?

Is it worth it?

I’m not sure I can leave the Studio for a few days.

My Studio does okay, maybe I don’t need this.

Will this work for me?

Do I have the money for this right now?

Running a Studio is often a labour of love and in many cases leaves you, the Studio owner, paying yourself very little. So I can understand those feelings of being unsure.

If you’re worried if this is going to be worth the money. 

Then let me assure you my friend. 

You will see incredible returns from Elevate. Both from your Studio and yourself.

Our goal is to add at least 10 new enrolments to your Studio. That’s an additional $10k~ in revenue per year.

Is it worth it?

What’s the best investment of your time and money? Would it be in stocks? A long term high interest bank account?

It’s none of the above. If you picture some of the most successful people in the world, what do they all have in common?

They invested in themselves and their passions. 

Lets work together and transform your Studio into something that works for YOU. Not the other way around. 

I’m not sure I can leave my Studio for that long…

What will happen without me? Can I really leave my Studio and  my family for that long?

My question is this. Can you afford not to?

Let’s imagine you continue on as you are now. Overworked. Tired. Unable to step away. Just stressing both at the Studio and at home. 

Is that sustainable? Could you see yourself continuing on for another year, or even more? Or do you need to make some changes that allow you to take that first step towards real meaningful change to take your freedom back?

Will this work for me?

We’ve worked with any and all Studios. Whether it’s Dance, Kindermusik, Pilates, Crossfit, even woodworking. The list goes on!

Whatever your Studio is. We’ve worked in your niche and know the exact strategies you’ll need to grow rapidly.

And we will build that strategy together at Elevate. We aren’t going to get you excited and then send you home with nothing. 

You are going to get real results. You’ll work with us to build a strategic plan to add more enrolments and revenue to your Studio as soon as you get home. 

This opportunity only comes along once a year. Join us for Elevate 2024 and you won’t look back.

Attend Elevate 2024

Your Elevate 2024 Ticket

Ticket $499 + GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate 2024 Australia is located in NSW at Peppers Lodge. An elegant retreat located in the Southern Highlands, it’s the perfect location to step into a new environment that will empower personal growth – putting you in the right frame of mind to build out a new strategy to promote and grow your Studio’s revenue and enrolments.

The location exudes old-world charm. So when you’re recharging from the deep work we’ll be doing together, you’ll be able to take advantage of billiards, croquet, leisurely strolls through nature, or even sitting by the pool with a cup of tea or coffee.

Elevate 2024 runs from the 2nd to 4th of May 2024. 

You’re welcome to arrive earlier in the day and connect or catch up with fellow Studio owners, with the event formally kicking off at 5pm for welcome drinks.

There are a number of places to stay in Sutton Forest including farm cottages, boutique hotels, Hillview Heritage Hotel and delightful AirBnB’s.

If you would like to stay at Peppers, we have a special discounted rate available.

To book, please download the booking form, nominate your preferred accommodation and send directly to There are limited rooms so please get in early to guarantee accommodation.

Be sure to check which option you would prefer on the form click here to download:

  • You can book 2 nights (Thursday & Friday) OR
  • You can book 1 night (Friday)

For alternative accommodation options in Sutton Forest click here.

For alternative accommodation options in Bowral click here.

There is no assigned seating for this event. 

We are limiting tickets to only 50 people so we can work closely together on your Studio. This event is intimate and collaborative so you’ll have the option to sit with whomever you would like. Also, at times we will get up and out of the rooms to work in fresh air. 

If for any reason your circumstances change you will have 30 days prior to the event to notify us so we can process your refund. 

Within 30 days of the event we will be unable to offer any cancellations as we will have already booked the appropriate amount of space and catering for the event. We can however offer you a credit so you may attend the next Elevate Live in your region. 

We would recommend that if you are the owner of the Studio that you come to the event in person. 

Leadership and real Studio change all come from you. The strategies and techniques that we are looking to roll out to drastically increase the scale of your Studio will require a decision maker to make it happen. 

Chantelle Bruinsma has over a decade of experience both in running her own Studio’s, but teaching other owners how to grow theirs. 

She began her career in Sydney, Australia where she initially plateaued at 150 students. Burning the candle at both ends, spinning her wheels and paying herself the smallest of salaries Chantelle decided she needed to make real change. 

After implementing sweeping changes in her Studio and getting laser focused over a few short years she grew her Studio business from 1 location and 150 students to over 1000+ and 6 locations. Even performing with her students at the world famous Sydney Opera House.

After selling her Studio’s she turned to helping others, just like you. Over 1000+ Studio’s have come through Chantelle’s program with 99.5% experiencing incredible growth. 

Most importantly Chantelle’s focus is to build both the Studio AND you.

Work with Chantelle live at Elevate.

You won’t believe how life changing it will truly be.