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Double Your Studio VIP Training : March

Your March Double Your Studio Training from Chantelle

Learn more about our new, advanced program, Retention Solution below. And don’t miss the special $100 bonus coupon just for VIP members. This ends in 5 days- don’t delay!


The Retention Solution

Double your studio revenue without spending time or money on marketing.

special offer for VIP members: Save $100 when you buy before Monday, March 20 midnight PST


"It is far easier to retain students than gain them. Read that sentence again. The solution to your studio woes is hiding in plain sight, and I’m here to help you implement it."

- Chantelle Bruinsma CEO & Founder of Studio Evolution

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As a studio owner, you know the massive cost, effort and time output it takes to get a new student to join your studio. Studio owners spend most of their time trying to attract new students with no real plan or strategy for trying to keep them.

That’s about to change with The Retention Solution.

I’ve created this signature plan to help studio owners to focus on what matters most. Let’s switch your focus to retention for this year with The Retention Solution. Increase your profit with less effort. It’s like magic!

Special offer for VIP Members. Save $100 when you purchase before midnight March 20, PST

It took me a long time as a studio owner to realise how powerful retention can be.

I would focus on gaining students and give little attention to retaining them. When I started working with studio owners, I noticed this was a common thread in the industry. Businesses losing thousands of dollars of hard-earned revenue simply because they weren’t focussed on getting their students to re-enrol.


This had to change. 


I developed foolproof systems and reliable templates for creating a retention plan for your studio. I crushed the numbers, and the results are astounding – with The Retention Solution, I can help you keep your retention rate at 85% and keep those profits flowing effortlessly through your studio. 


Let me teach you how to nurture your existing student base and keep them coming back term after term. 

The Retention Solution

This program shows you how to shift your focus into keeping students – one of the simplest and easiest ways to solidify your earnings and reduce the amount of time and energy you need to put into general marketing. 

Prices are in USD

Special offer for VIP Members. Purchase by midnight March 20 PST to save $100.

Videos that are just for you as the studio director, as well as videos that talk directly to your teachers.

Choose to give video access to your teachers, or learn the content and deliver the ideas to them in a team training.

Get instant access to 10 video tutorials + workbook + all of my exclusive templates and formulas to give you the power to keep your students on your books… and not your competitor’s books!

This course is perfect for all Studio types

Fiona Donaldson
Fiona DonaldsonMorisset, NSW AUS
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My retention rate is now 98% - that has meant a 30% increase in student numbers and a 40% increase in revenue. Retention is the key to my studio growing!

When you buy The Retention Solution you get:

Prices are in USD

Purchase before midnight March 20 PST and save $100. Special offer just for VIP members.

Kimberly Rowley
Kimberly RowleyKathleen, GA, USA
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My retention went from 60% to 80%! I've also gone from teaching 5 classes a week to just 2 as I no longer need to work in the business as much.

The Retention Solution Approach



Discover how increasing your retention rate will have a direct impact on your studio business cash flow. Each small improvement in your retention adds a significant boost to your bottom line. More money = more freedom.

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Dawn Miller
Dawn MillerBluffton, SC, USA
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How's this for a game changer! I had 33% of students re-enrol for next term WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK! Usually that takes months to get them to re-enrol, but my focus on retention has them signing up for more as soon as they had begun!
Kathy Morrison
Kathy MorrisonPittsburgh, PA, USA
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Since working with Studio Evolution, my enrolment is consistently above 1,000 students and it grows every year. The key is my retention rate which is at 97%!



Learn the importance of nurturing connections within your studio and creating a safe haven for your student base. No student will remember what you said or did; they will remember how you made them feel. Re-build your beautiful community with heart at its centre.

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Unlock the power of reputation; it is directly linked to your retention. Build brand loyalty through the reputation and recommendations of your student base, making your studio the go-to studio in your area.

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Carol Jenkins
Carol JenkinsSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
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So this happened yesterday. We're pretty excited! Thank you Chantelle and The Retention Solution! We wouldn't be here without you (that's our teacher message board announcing we've reached 350 students!)

"Nothing does the job of marketing more effectively than a student at the top of their game. Everyone wants to know which studio they came from."

Kathryn Raats
Kathryn RaatsAlkimos, WA, AUS
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I wanted to share a win with you all - our Term 1 to Term 2 retention rates is a WHOPPING 95%!! We put a huge focus on customer experience this past term, and the numbers seem to be speaking for themselves. I am over the moon! YAY!

Instant access to 10 videos + Digital workbook

Holly Hibberson
Holly HibbersonBrisbane, QLD, AUS
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The videos were really easy to follow along with and watch. Everything is explained really clearly! I love Chantelle's style of teaching - it's really relatable and super fun! Studio Evolution has made learning really approachable for me.

Instant access to 10 videos + Digital workbook

Holly Hibberson
Holly HibbersonBrisbane, QLD, AUS
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The videos were really easy to follow along with and watch. Everything is explained really clearly! I love Chantelle's style of teaching - it's really relatable and super fun! Studio Evolution has made learning really approachable for me.

How does this work?


If you want peace of mind with guaranteed cashflow, my retention strategies will show you how.

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For over a decade I have been helping studio owners just like you to expand and evolve their business. Retention is the integral key to rapid growth. Let me show you the way.

Our community is a hub for studio owners just like you. We all come together to share our knowledge and growth and support each other in any way we can. If you’ve ever felt alone in your studio, that’s what we’re here for. To offer tailored and learned support specific for studio owners. We’ll help you figure out your true priorities and nurture you into the next phase of your amazing studio business. 

The Retention Solution is just the beginning of what we can do together. We look forward to helping you achieve the vision you always had for your studio.

Prices are in USD

Save $100 when you purchase before midnight March 20 PST.

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Instant access to 10 videos + digital workbook

The Retention Solution is an easy-to-follow online course that will give you practical and specific strategies on how to increase retention in your studio.

Lindsay Levin
Lindsay LevinWalnut Creek, SC, USA
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I just have to say this about The Retention Solution - I love it I love it I love it! Can't wait to share it with my team!


It’s recommended that you have a studio with existing students to do this course but feel free to join even if you don’t! It can be a great way to start thinking about retention from the very start of your studio business! 

This course was basically written for studio owners like you. It takes all the guesswork out of how to retain your students so your studio can grow with less effort!

The Retention Solution is created to work for music, dance, theater, yoga and any similar programs for youth and adults!

We are big believers in leveraged learning and that is why we have created the Studio Evolution Masterclass Facebook Group so you can engage and also learn from our community of studio owners. You will notice that the support and comments from the community members are electric. The more you engage and connect, the more you will gain and learn. This group is also  monitored by the Studio Evolution Home Team so you can post any questions you have about The Retention Solution in this group. Join the Community now!

Absolutely! If you can hit play on a video, you’re good to go!

Immediately! As soon as you sign up you get instant access to all the course materials and workbook.

You will receive lifetime access to The Retention Solution so you can log in and access your content at your convenience. You will be provided with your own login details to the Studio Evolution Library so you can access the course everywhere and anywhere.

If you’ve been running your studio business and not benefiting from the consistent cash flow a strong retention plan provides, it’s time to pause and ask yourself why?

If there’s one thing you should be focussing on in 2023, it’s retention. Take the small but firm step towards honouring your studio business this year and watch your revenue soar. 


The Retention Solution is the answer to your studio growth woes. By learning to prioritise retention in your studio, you activate powerful bonds between your students, their classmates and their teachers. Build powerful retention strategies into your master plan and activate continued connection within your studio. These meaningful relationships will ensure your students keep coming back for more. 


If you’re ready to take a small but mighty leap for your studio business, now is your chance!

Prices are in USD

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