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5 Easy 20 Minute Workouts You Can Do Online in Between Classes

Here are 5 of the best (free and paid!) online classes you can do in under 20 mins. Too easy. 

It’s an ironic little twist of fate that studio owners don’t get enough exercise when most studios offer some form of movement class. Between running the studio, managing students, often teaching yourself, there can be very little time during the day to squeeze in some much needed movement. 

The good news is that you have space on your side – you can do an online workout in between classes right at your studio. 

Here are 5 of the best (free and paid!) online classes you can do in under 20 mins. Too easy. 

1. Pamela Reif’s 20 Minute Beginner Workout

This one is perfect for a quick and easy workout. It’s beginner level but that might be just what you need to on a day when you don’t have extra energy. 

2. MadFit’s Full Body At Home Workout

This one works your full bod, from top to bottom. A great all rounder when you need the full body to be catered for in one workout. 

3. Natacha Océane’s 20 Minute HIIT

Save this one for when you really need to burn off some steam. It’s high impact so it’s designed to make you sweat! 

4. Body Project’s Low Impact Impact Workout

This one is best for when you’re feeling a bit sore and you need something a bit more gentle. 

5. PopSugar’s 20 Minute Fat Blasting Workout

Another one if you need to really get your body pumping. This 20 minute workout will really get that blood flowing. 

So when is a good time to actually do a workout at your studio? 

Here are a few ideas… 

  • First thing in the morning. Arrive wearing your activewear with 20 mins to spare and get to it. It’s over before the day has even begun! 
  • In between classes – if you have a half hour window between classes, just go for it. 
  • On your lunch break – best to workout before you eat to avoid any digestion issues. 
  • Before the start of evening classes – knock it over so you’re all warmed up for an evening of teaching 

Unless you’re a particularly rare breed of night owl, try not to save your workout for after your evening of classes. Very few people will have the energy for it at that time of day. 

Let’s squeeze in a few 20 min workouts this week!  

All my best, 


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